Selection Criteria

 Can-Am Cup Doubles Squash Matches 

Canadian and United States Team Eligibility and Selection Criteria 

& Event Format Overview 




  • US National Doubles Champs get auto invite.
  • Rankings shall be used as a guideline for other spots on US team.
  • Canadians will use rankings as a guideline for their entire team.
  • Viability of event due to Covid 19 concerns will be determined over the summer whether the event will be held this year or whether it needs to be rescheduled for 2021.



as of November 18, 2019

Team Selection 

Canada and USA will select two doubles team in each of the following age groups: 

Men’s Team – Open, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, & 75+ 

Women’s Team – Open, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, & 60+ 

Players will be selected as follows: 

  1. a. Any eligible player who wins his/her country’s National Doubles Championship in the most recent National Championship held prior to the Can-Am Cup will receive an automatic invitation to play in the Can-Am Cup. 
  2. b. The #1 ranked individual on each wall in each age category shall automatically be invited to play for their respective country by using the Canadian Doubles Ranking points for Team Canada and the US Ranking points for Team USA. 
  1. c. The best players who meet the eligibility requirements for their country as determined by the respective Captain’s Committee of each country. 


All players must be members in good standing with their respective provincial, territorial or national squash association. 

The age of all players in each age category will be determined by their age as of the first day of the event. 

Eligibility will be determined based on citizenship not residence. In the event an eligible player has dual citizenship and did not compete in the previous Can-Am, the player may accept an invitation from either country. If a player applies to play for one country but is ineligible to play due to his/her ranking, the player may play for the other country provided he/she is eligible to play for that country. 

Players with dual citizenship who participated in the most recent prior Can-Am Cup are only eligible to represent the same country they represented in the most recent prior Can-Am Cup. If the player has not received an invitation to play by July 1st of the Can-Am Cup year, they are eligible to play for either country. 

Each country shall set its own deadline for applications to participate in this event. Each team shall be chosen at least ten (10) days prior to the event. At a mutually agreed time, not more than 10 days before the event, the respective captains of each team shall simultaneously disclose their team and line-up to the other in a conference call or other suitable manner. 


In the case of a late withdrawal or injury the said player’s Captain may either substitute an eligible player not already on the roster to play in all the matches on behalf of the injured/withdrawn player at his/her sole discretion. Or, the Captain may assign an existing team player from a higher age category to play one additional match plus any lightning round matches. 

Event Format 

Play for the Canada vs. USA competition shall consist of up to three rounds. Prior to the start of the competition, at the discretion of the Captains of each country, players shall be paired up in each of the 15 age groups and be designated as being Team #1 or Team #2. Each Canadian and USA pair shall play two rounds as follows: 

Round One – #1 vs. #2 

Within each age group a best three of five game match will be played as follows: 

#1 Canada vs. #2 USA 

#2 Canada vs. #1 USA 

Each match will count 1 point. 

Total points available in Round One = 30 

Round Two – Head to Head 

Within each age group, a best three of five game match will be played as follows: 

#1 Canada vs. #1 USA 

#2 Canada vs. #2 USA 

Each match will count 1 ½ points. 

Total points available in Round Two = 45 

The resulting format yields fifteen different age/gender categories with a total of four matches per category. 

All players must be available for their earliest match time and no later than the Opening Ceremonies. All players are expected to attend the Closing Ceremonies and Cup/Trophy presentation on the Sunday. All travel plans should be made accordingly. 

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